Rakija internal diplomacy: how Croatians make sure Croatians will like the EU.

Last measures taken by Croatian government to make EU accession more appealing to its electorate might seem funny.

Will this pic be part of the Croatian government campaign?

However they demonstrates the deep roots of the lack of trust by Croats in the European Institutions. Most of this mistrust is due to the comprehensible geographical and cultural (historical?) difference between Zagreb (Slavonski Brod?) and Brussels. More then a solution to a problem, those measures, sound to me like an attempt by the Croatian government to control and influence their (weak) public opinion, the position of which represents a clear threat to Croatian effective inclusion in EU. Mind, I mean Effective, not on paper. Because it is clear that a huge part of Croatian civil society (the one, for example, protesting after the condemnation of Gen. Gotovina) it is not exactly welcoming the recent engagement of Croatian government in the international relations panorama.

I hope that pursuing Sanader and launching the aforementioned campaign would not be the only steps made by Croatian government in order to engage Croatian civil society into a deep and serious reflection on EU accession issues.
Or to make the internal/international public opinion blind.