That’s what I want to do when I grow up: the role of anthropology in communication

Recently, I found out this absolutely interesting article on the experience of an anthropologist working for the WHO.

Her experience shows how anthropologists, or just even the use of the anthropological method of the participant observer can make a dramatic difference in the effectiveness of our communication.

I think that to a great extend the approach of the participant observer can be used also in Europe. I believe there is a wide prejudice over anthropology, which is still considered a “colonial discipline”, something that can be applied only to underdeveloped populations and/or criminal organisations.

However, as this article demonstrates, anthropology is very closely related to international relations, to global issues, even to government relations.

That is why, in the humble way I can contribute to ameliorate communication, I will always try to apply the few anthropological principles I have been taught. I strongly believe that those are far more respectful of diversity than any religion, political ideology or economic theory.