Log on the idiot nationalist


F.: Younger i suppose

J.: Yes
He’s very positive, very sunny person
And I was talking to him and my aunt
They’re going on sea vacation for the first time in 20 years alone, without the kids 

F.: Sounds like a revolution

J.: Yes, the moment when the kids fly out of the family

F.: Check this out!
That’s what I am doing while talking with you 😛
Check the comments 

J.: Saw them
Thats what I call online debate
Ma bravo dear

F.: The guy is an *****

J.: He is

F.: But is nice to talk with those guys from time to time

J.: Typical ignorant nationalist

F.: And you know what? There is really a lot of people thinking like this!
And their beliefs are no less “real” then others
Which makes people like him a “factor”, to be studied and took in consideration
Can you understand now the huge damage made by people like Karadzic, Milosevic, Cosic and other “theoreticians”?
It’s something that will last generations, and influence far too many Serbians for long…

J.: Oh yes, the memories are too fresh and too vivid yet
And very painful, even
So, extreme positions are frequent

F.: It’s not just about memories
This guy most probably is a 30-something
For how vivid his memories can be, he can’t have been a protagonist of the war
Which makes him exactly the example of the situation I am talking about: you don’t need to have lived under Milosevic or Karadzic to be a nationalist.
Their constructions are so rooted in people that the rotten fruits are still growing

J.: Yes, because its transmitted and multiplied in family, school, neighborhood, in books etc etc etc
You cant cut it at once

F.: Exactly
But even worst, you can’t de-legitimize the beliefs of people following the nationalist path, since it is sincere, in a way…
The only way to undermine their legitimacy is by condemning the creators of the fake believes.
But condemn them AT HOME…

J.: Exactly! You can tell them they feel something wrong….
You as an outsider

F.: By so the Serbian society would be forced to entertain a serious analysis of its past.