I won’t start explaining how this blog started by its name.

I wanna start from the beginning. And the beginning is Orient.

As every human being, I carry with me the perception of the world as I have experienced it so far. Orient has a quite specific connotation for me: East from my birthplace, East from the centre of my culture. By this I derive the existence of several other points of view, other starting lines, other observers.

With reference to my point of view, the Balkans are my Orient.

East is a geographic construction, is a relative value. East does not represent an objective status of any point on our Earth, therefore it is a condition which is defined by the “observer”. It is important to make clear that the observer is always different, not homogeneous in his/her judgment as well as in his/her perspective and interest in the Orient.

Anthropology gives me the right glasses through which watch the world and describe the other’s Orients.

Moreover, as a Renaissance traveler, I just started my awareness process, discovering what is far from me, pursuing the path of the Sun backwards, analyzing my history and the events that characterized my culture, opposing it to the others. Orient is a mission, a stage of a long travel. At every stage my perspective will change, and I will find new Orients where to head the helm of my ship.

Orient is the vector of an experience.

However I am not the only one traveling. There are many like me, following their own path. Some of them came from what we call Orient, and by their passing, they changed the cultures that they found on their way. We referred to them as “barbarians”, “Arabs”, “Sons of the Rising Sun” and in many other ways. We jumped on the flow of history following other’s travel towards Orient, from Orient, through Orient.

Orient evokes the birth of the Sun, the beginning, the source of inspiration and life, of cyclic new starts… Orient is a continuos re-think, a continuos change, a dynamic endless present.

In the end Orient is a direction. Not a destination, nor an goal.

I was looking for an instrument, which would have allowed me to pursue my research for the Orient.
Here it comes the Bridge.
I have borrowed a poetic prose description of such mean from Ivo Andric, to whom goes all my gratitude.

Let’s walk a mile together.

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