I miei due soldi sulla Jolie.


Usually my blog reports other blogs and newspapers, rather then quoting them fully. Actually, this will be the first time I reblog a post appeared on a different blog.
Iota! is Rodolfo Toè’s blog, who is a brilliant Italian journalist based in Sarajevo. He publishes for several national and international newspapers, including the Courrier des Balkans.
Oh, it’s also a great friend of mine. So not to be accused of nepotism, I shall say that we do not agree on everything. This might not sound convincing, but I can’t really come up with anything else, but posting you his latest post.
Rodolfo’s review of Jolie’s movie grasps a reality which is very difficult to understand, and which is culpably left aside by many journalist dealing with the Balkans. “Grey zone” do not make newspapers’ columns more popular. Rodolfo faces the same challenge Angelina Jolie arrogantly tried to win with her movie. Jolie lost, blatantly, while Rodo won it.
That’s why he’s not going to win a Pulitzer.

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