From your own correspondent: Belgrade’s always Belgrade

Of all the memories I am collecting during this Balkan research period, the one I will have about today will be the sweetest.

Walking the Kalemegdan walls talking with an old friend.

Drinking a cheap tasty white wine (so much for you, chardonnay lovers…) in a bar which does not serve Coca Cola (in one of the major European consumer country per capita this means a lot…).

Taking a noisy tram to the desert of glass and iron called Novi Beograd.

Eating homemade food. And homemade ajvar.

Once, a smart person told me that once you leave for  make researchthe “field”, you never know what you will find, and most probably you’ll find something different from what you were looking for originally. Today’s event forced me to consider the fact that I was also looking for those emotions I have just described.

I am not sharing this brand new awareness so to allow you, dear reader to judge me. You will do it anyway…
I wish to warn you: the only thing you will ever learn on the field, dear reader, is that things are not much better, nor romantic, nor different from the place you’ve grown up. If you think so, you’re fooling yourself. If you’re sure so and you can bring me examples, well, I guess that it is already impossible to save you.

People brings significance within themselves. That is why it is worth travelling and discovery the differences within the world: the unity of mankind is worth of the biggest efforts in order to know it.

But if you’re looking for your Atlantis, I’d suggest you to save time and money, and to get addicted to some cheaper drug, rather then bother other human beings in the world with your psychological burden.

Today in BG I had the chance to meet some professionals whose sincere interest in their job was not paired with any explicit, blatant wish to redime their souls, nor to redime Serbians. One might question the way this job they’re so fond of has been done so far. But no objections shall be made at the personal level.

This is already a starting point.
It is a shame that the starting point arrived almost 2 weeks after I reached Serbia.
I take full responsibility of it, of course.

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