From your own correspondent: heading to Pristina

It is obvious that the biggest obstacle on the Serbian path to the EU is represented by its relationship with Kosovo. For this reason it is fundamental for my research to take the pulse of the situation directly on the field.

It seems not so complicated to reach Pristina from Serbia.
It is far more tricky to get in touch with international organizations operating on the field. Recently, my attempts to contact the most important international actors deployed in Kosovo failed miserably. However I am still fully convinced to get first hand information by my own.

I might understand that it could be quite disappointing to deal with a stand-offish student willing to investigate on issues that, by their own nature, are delicate, likely to be even dangerous for the position of the aforementioned organizations.

However it is also true that, for how critical the situation might be in Kosovo, a certain degree of collaboration and transparency should be granted to whom decide to devote time and energies to study such issues.

Or, at least, allow me to say that I would appreciate a more supporting attitude from those international organizations.
Fortunately, I pretend to run an anthropological research, ergo I have to look for findings (also) among the inhabitants, which are the ultimately repository of the information I am looking for.

I just hope to have enough time.

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