A good morning in Brussels

9:00: our hero manages to wake top and to find the energy to realize there’s nothing in the fridge to feed himself and the Princess. So he has to go hunting something in the neighborhood. Nothing easier.

9:15: after long wandering, our hero manages to find an open supermarket (the perfect place to hunt breakfast, as you know).

9:16: the path of our hero is blocked by a 30-something angry Arabian guy, claiming for the life of a second generation Chinese working as shop assistant in the aforementioned supermarket.

9:20: the hero manages to squeeze inside and chase the breakfast, while most of the people in the shop are staring at the front door, where the Arabian shouts like a crazy.

9:25: while our hero pays for the fruitful beating, the Arabian is surrounded by cops. A wise alcoholic customer, waving an half empty bottle of vodka and buying another one of whiskey, suggest the police to beat him and turn the page once for all.

9:30: our hero makes his way through the exit exactly when the police finally decides to chain the Arabian and drag him to jail.

10:00: the Princess wakes up by the smell of the coffee, the breakfast is already on the table, and our hero claims his price for the successful hunting. A short thought of our hero goes to the guy in jail. But

Good morning, Brussels.

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